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About your Amsterdam Tour Guide

I could not be happier to live anywhere else. I am an English guy who never wanted to move to Amsterdam and now never wants to leave. I have travelled to the four corners of the earth, and I know that Amsterdam is where I need to live. And living here makes me happy.

It is a modern cosmopolitan city that looks to the future and keeps the best of the past. Like so many people, I find Amsterdam very easy on the eye. When I am walking or cycling around, I am constantly reminded of what a uniquely beautiful place this is to live.

The past, present and future of Amsterdam are very interesting to me. It always has been. I love the interesting facts about the history of this city. I find it fascinating that this little village of fishermen and farmers grew into the most important city in the world. I love it that millions of people come to visit Amsterdam every year. I know that once my guests on the walking tours hear all about the history of Amsterdam, they see the city in a completely different way. I look forward to meeting you on one of my tours.

Join me on one of my walks in Amsterdam and you will see the city in a whole new light.

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